Starting With HTML Coding

When it comes to how computers, smart devices or the internet works, coding is an indispensable part of the whole system. This is particularly the case for people who want to run their own website since all of them run on HTML. As such knowing how to code with this particular format is just something that you will need to understand if you are going to manage a website.

What’s HTML?

HTML is the language upon which websites are based on. Much like how Word files use the .doc format and Excel files use the .xls format, HTML is how web browsers understand how to open the document pertaining to the website.
Known as HyperText Markup Language in its entirety, it includes markers that contain special syntax which are called “elements” that are wrapped around texts within documents and which is then read by user agents. In the case of websites, the user agents in question is the web browser used to open the website document.
Now, just to be clear, while all web browsers are user agents, not all user agents are web browsers. Google uses automated programs which then index web content in order to arrange them in their search engines and these programs are also considered user agents.

What HTML Looks Like

Once you open a website via a web browser, what you’re seeing is a result of clusters upon clusters of commands that are wrapped around texts in order to present them in a certain way. If you view the HTML coding of a certain web page, you might see page after page of codes that look like this:

<p id=”example”>This is a paragraph.</p>

You’ll learn all the different markers and syntax involved in HTML coding as you go along. For now, you can start by planning out what your website would look like.

Designing Your Website

Before concluding this topic, here are a few things to ask yourself when you intend to create a website:

  • How will the files be stored?
  • Will you put the files in one folder or directory?
  • Which formal will you use, .HTM or .HTML?
  • What are the templates going to be?
  • How will you do the navigations?

These are just the basic questions that you are going to have to consider before building your website with HTML and there are more. However, you’ll have to take things one step at a time. You’ll learn HTML coding at its fullest in time. What’s important is to construct the frame of your coding abilities first before doing anything.